General Laws

Section 1A. The chief superintendent of the bureau of shade tree management and pest control shall act for the commonwealth in suppressing the pests declared in section eleven to be public nuisances, and in accordance with the provision of section thirteen of chapter twenty-one, shall perform such other duties imposed upon him by the commissioner. He shall keep a record of all expenditures made by or authorized by him, and shall prepare an annual report for the commissioner. He shall provide technical advice and consulting services to cities and towns in the development and implementation of public shade tree management plans and programs. He shall have the authority, with the approval of the commissioner and secretary of administration and finance to receive, administer and expend without further appropriation, in accordance with the provision of section sixteen, any federal funds, state funds appropriated by the general court, and private funds that may be made available for the purpose of assisting cities and towns in the maintenance, care and management of their public shade trees.