General Laws

Section 6D. Each school administration, child care center operator, or school age child care program operator shall ensure that standard written notification is posted in a common area of its facility at least two working days before the outdoor spraying, release, deposit or application of a pesticide and for at least 72 hours following the spraying, release, deposit or application. Treated areas will be posted with clear and conspicuous warning signs along the perimeter in accordance with regulations to be promulgated by the department governing indoor and outdoor spraying, release, deposit or application of pesticides at schools, child care centers and school age child care programs. Larval mosquito control applications using pesticides classified as category four pesticides by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as applied by mosquito control projects under chapter 252, are exempt from the notification requirements of this section. This section shall not apply to any use of an anti-microbial pesticide as defined in section 2.