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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9: Dealers' licenses

Section 9. A person may apply to the department to be a licensed pesticide dealer. Said applicants shall submit to the department a statement supplying such information thereon as the department may require. An applicant for such a license shall pay such registration fee, not to exceed twenty-five dollars, as the department may by regulation require, for each principal distribution center, branch outlet, or direct sales representative of an out-of-state distributor.

In the event that any person files with the department an application to renew a pesticide dealer's license which is in effect on the date of application for renewal and pays the appropriate fee therewith, such license shall be deemed to be in effect until the earlier of the following two events shall occur: ninety days have elapsed after the license was scheduled to expire; or the department notifies the applicant for renewal that the license has been renewed, modified or denied.

The department shall grant a pesticide dealer's license for a term not to exceed one year. The department shall grant such licenses subject to such terms, conditions and restrictions as it deems necessary or appropriate.

The department shall refuse to grant a pesticide dealer's license if it finds that the proposed distributor or his agent has acted in a manner inconsistent with the purposes for requirements of this chapter or FIFRA.

The department shall revoke any pesticide dealer's license, at any time, if it finds that its terms, conditions or restrictions are being violated or are inadequate to avoid unreasonable adverse effects on the environment.

As part of its determination to refuse to grant, or to revoke, a pesticide dealer's license the department may specify a period, not to exceed two years, within which the applicant may not reapply for a pesticide dealer's license. In the event that the department has specified a period for nonapplication, the department may later, at its discretion, shorten or waive such period.