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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 1: Definitions

Section 1. In this chapter, the following words and terms, unless the context otherwise requires, shall have the following meanings:?

''Auction'' or ''Public auction'', any sale, coming within its ordinary meaning, by public outcry, including in addition thereto, any sale by public outcry where property is offered first at a stated price and thereafter successively or gradually at lower prices until an acceptor or purchaser is found.

''Auctioneer'', any person who, for a fee, commission, profit or any other valuable consideration, or with the intention or expectation of receiving the same, by means of, or process of, an auction or sale at auction, offers, negotiates or attempts to negotiate, a listing contract, sale, purchase or exchange of goods, chattels, merchandise, real or personal property, or of any other commodity which may lawfully be kept or offered for sale by or at public auction.

''Auctioneering'', the business or act of selling real, personal or mixed property by successive, competitive bids.

''Deputy director'', the deputy director of standards in the office of consumer affairs and business regulation.

''Goods'', any chattels, livestock, merchandise, real or personal property, or commodities of any form or type which may be lawfully kept or offered for sale.

''Local auction permit agent'', the person or persons so designated in a city by the mayor or in a town by the board of selectmen, or upon a failure to so designate or in the absence, incapacity or unavailability of any person or persons so designated, the chief of police.

''Person'', individuals, associations, partnerships and corporations, and the officers, directors and employees of a corporation.