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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9: Prohibited practices

Section 9. No licensee or other person shall: (a) sell or offer for sale at auction goods known by him to be owned by a minor; (b) advertise an auction or goods for sale at an auction in the commonwealth without including the number of the license issued by the deputy director as a part of the advertisement; (c) advertise for sale or sell goods at auction falsely representing that said goods are, in whole or in part, bankrupt or insolvent stock or damaged goods saved from fire, or otherwise falsely represent or mislead any person as to their origin, history or condition; (d) sell, offer for sale or give away in connection with an auction, any goods as prize packages, gifts, premiums or bonus or otherwise as an inducement to purchase any other goods; (e) sell, offer for sale or dispose of goods at auction by chance or lot, or without first exhibiting to prospective bidders all such goods, including those in packages, bundles or containers, except as to auctions of unclaimed articles; (f) employ or knowingly allow, directly or indirectly, any person to act at any auction as a ''capper'' or ''by bidder'' or in any like capacity, for the purpose of bidding up the price of any goods in competition with bona fide bidders or for the purpose of encouraging or enticing bona fide bidders to purchase, or for the purpose of stimulating competitive bidding or sales; or personally act in such capacity; (g) make or knowingly accept any false bid to buy, or pretend to sell or buy goods; or (h) knowingly allow any individual who is not licensed to call for bids; provided, however, that an auctioneer may allow an individual who is not licensed to call for bids when such individual is under the direct supervision of an auctioneer licensed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.