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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Advertising; repair charges

Section 8. No registered motor vehicle repair shop, registered motor vehicle glass repair shop or other person shall: (a) advertise for motor vehicle repair or motor vehicle glass repair in the commonwealth without including the number of its certificate of registration issued by the deputy director as a part of the advertisement; (b) with respect to any repair paid for in whole or in part by an insurer, fail to charge all or any part of the applicable deductible to be paid by the insured, or give any rebate, gift, prize, premium, bonus, fee or any other monetary or tangible thing to the insured or any other person not in the employ of the repair shop as an inducement to have the repair made at the repair shop; (c) charge or offer to charge a higher rate or discount for an insured repair than for an uninsured repair; (d) make any false or fraudulent statement in connection with any repair or attempt to collect for a repair; (e) without lawful authority, prevent the owner of a motor vehicle from recovering the same.