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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9: Records

Section 9. (a) Every registered motor vehicle repair shop and registered motor vehicle glass repair shop shall keep, or cause to be kept, in a book a proper record of every motor vehicle which enters and which leaves his place of business. A proper record shall include, but not be limited to, a description of the motor vehicle, the vehicle identification number, the date received, the name and residences of the person from and for whom the vehicle was received and a signed authorization for the work to be performed on said vehicle. Records shall also be kept of purchases of all major component parts, motor transmission, any body parts and parts for the interior. Records must be kept of all purchases made during at least the preceding eighteen months.

(b) Any registered shop whose business consists primarily of the changing and replacing of the fluids of a motor vehicle shall be exempt from keeping the record book referred to above, if and so long as the registered shop keeps adequate records of the repairs and services performed with respect to the motor vehicles which come into its custody.

(c) Said record book shall be kept in a convenient place, and along with the premises of the repair shop or body shop, may be inspected at any time by any city, state or federal law enforcement officer.

(d) A registered motor vehicle glass repair shop shall maintain records for each motor vehicle upon which motor vehicle glass repair services have been performed, showing the usage of all glass parts, major accessory parts, including moldings and major hardware component parts, and the adhesive system used in the motor vehicle glass repair. The record shall also include the brand, product number or name and lot and batch numbers for the adhesive system product used. The record shall be maintained for 18 months or for so long as a warranty on the motor vehicle glass repair service performed is in effect, whichever is longer.