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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 15: Application of chapter

Section 15. The provisions of this chapter relating to hawkers and peddlers shall not apply to wholesalers or jobbers selling to dealers only, nor to commercial agents or other persons selling by sample, lists, catalogues or otherwise for future delivery, nor to any dealer regularly engaged in supplying customers with fuel oil for heating or cooking purposes from a fixed place of business within the commonwealth and who does not customarily solicit direct sales from house to house or by means of outcry, sign or signal, nor to any person who peddles only fish obtained by his own labor or that of his family, fruits, vegetables or other farm products raised or produced by himself or his family, nor to persons selling articles for charitable purposes under section thirty-three, nor to persons licensed under section forty of chapter ninety-four with respect to the sale by them of eggs, or milk, skimmed milk, cream, butter, cheese or other milk products, except frozen desserts as defined in section sixty-five G of said chapter ninety-four.