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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 17: Sale of certain articles without license

Section 17. Hawkers and peddlers may sell without a license newspapers, religious publications, ice, flowering plants and such flowers, fruits, nuts and berries as may be wild or uncultivated. The aldermen or selectmen, may by regulations not inconsistent with this chapter, regulate the sale or barter and the carrying for sale or barter or exposing therefor by hawkers and peddlers of such articles without the payment of a fee may, in like manner require hawkers and peddlers, whether adults or minors, to be licensed except as otherwise provided and may promulgate regulations governing the same provided, however, that the license fee shall not exceed that prescribed by section 22. Such regulations may, in like manner, affix penalties for violations of such regulations not to exceed the sum of $20 for each such violation. A hawker and peddler licensed under this section shall not be required to be licensed under said section 22.