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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 30: Revocation of licenses

Section 30. Any license granted by the deputy director under this chapter may be revoked by him upon conviction of the licensee of any crime which in the judgment of the deputy director warrants such revocation, or upon the submission to the deputy director of evidence satisfactory to him that, during the term of the license, the licensee has accepted or solicited money otherwise than through the bona fide sale or barter of goods, wares or merchandise or has violated any provision of section ten A of chapter two hundred and sixty-four, or has in any manner begged or solicited alms from the public, or for any other sufficient cause. Whenever any person is convicted of a violation of any provision of this chapter, or a person holding such a license is convicted of any crime, the clerk of the court in which, or the trial justice by whom, such person was convicted shall notify the deputy director.