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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 3A: Written application for promoter license; fees; written operating agreements with vendors

Section 3A. (a) Each business or person, before commencing business as a promoter, shall make a written application, under oath, for a license to the deputy director stating the names and residences of the owners or parties in whose interest the business is to be conducted. Upon the payment of the fee under the fee schedule in subsection (b) the deputy director shall issue a license granting the authority to do business as a promoter. A license shall expire 1 year from the date thereof or on the day of its surrender or of the filing of an affidavit of its loss, if it is earlier surrendered or if such affidavit is earlier filed. The license shall contain a copy of the application therefore and shall not be transferable.

(b) For the purpose of determining a single show for this chapter, the conduct of an activity or event described in the definition of ''show'' in section 1 of chapter 62C held on a single day in the commonwealth shall constitute a single show. The fee schedule for a license as a promoter shall be as follows: $200 for 1 to 9 single shows to be held per year; $300 for 10 to 19 single shows to be held per year; $400 for 20 to 29 single shows to be held per year; $500 for 30 to 39 single shows to be held per year; $600 for 40 to 49 single shows to be held per year; and $1,000 for over 50 single shows to be held per year.

(c) Each promoter licensed to conduct business shall maintain a copy of the written operating agreement with each vendor which shall include documentation regarding the identity and location of each vendor, including social security number or tax identification number and a general description of merchandise sold by each vendor. The promoter shall maintain such records for a period of not less than 12 months. The deputy director or law enforcement authorities may request a promoter to provide the records. A promoter licensed under this section shall comply with sections 8A and 67A of chapter 62C or any regulations pursuant thereto as required by the commissioner of revenue.