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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 5: Local license; application; fee; statement of transient vendor; certificate; endorsement of town clerk

Section 5. Every transient vendor, before making any sales of goods, wares or merchandise in a town, shall make application to the aldermen or selectmen or other board authorized to issue such licenses and, unless the fee therefor is fixed as hereinafter provided, shall file with them a true statement, under oath, of the average quantity and value of the stock of goods, wares and merchandise kept or intended to be kept or exposed by him for sale. Said board shall submit such statement to the assessors of the town, who, after such examination and inquiry as they deem necessary, shall determine such average quantity and value, and shall forthwith transmit a certificate thereof to said board. Thereupon the board shall authorize the town clerk, upon the payment by the applicant of a fee equal to the taxes assessable in said town under the last preceding tax levy therein upon an amount of property of the same valuation, to issue to him a license authorizing the sale of such goods, wares and merchandise within the town. The board may, however, authorize the issue of such license without the filing of said statement as aforesaid, upon the payment of a license fee fixed by it. Upon payment of such fee, said town clerk shall thereupon issue such license, which shall remain in force so long as the licensee shall continuously keep and expose for sale in such town such stock of goods, wares or merchandise, but not later than the first day of January following its date. Upon such payment and proof of payment of all other license fees, if any, chargeable upon local sales, such town clerk shall record the state license of such transient vendor in full, shall endorse thereon ''local license fees paid'' and shall affix thereto his official signature and the date of such endorsement.