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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 7: Advertisement of bankrupt, closing out, administrator's and fire sales; statement of character and reasons for special sale

Section 7. No transient vendor shall advertise, represent or hold forth any sale as an insurance, bankrupt, insolvent, assignee's, trustee's, executor's, administrator's, receiver's, wholesale, manufacturers' wholesale or closing out sale, or as a sale of any goods damaged by smoke, fire, water or otherwise or in any similar form, without first making a sworn statement to the deputy director, either in the original application for a state license or in a supplementary application, of all the facts relating to the reasons for and character of such special sale so advertised or represented, and of the names of the persons from whom the goods, wares or merchandise were obtained, the date of delivery to the person applying for or holding the license, the place from which said goods, wares or merchandise were last taken, and all details necessary to exactly locate and fully identify all such goods, wares or merchandise.