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The 189th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 25: Removal of vessel lying at wharf

Section 25. If the master or other person in charge of a vessel occupying a berth at a public wharf or pier fails, after notice from the wharfinger thereof or his agent, to remove his vessel from such berth within such time as the harbor master adjudges reasonable, or if the master or other person in charge of such vessel has absented himself from the area of the berth for a period of time exceeding three times the posted limit, and cannot be contacted for the purpose of giving him notice to remove his vessel from such berth, the harbor master may cause such vessel to be removed to some other berth or anchored in the stream, and the city or town wherein the public wharf, pier or float is located, may recover the costs of such removal in an action of contract from the owner, agent or master of said vessel, said costs not to exceed fifty dollars.