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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 31: Rates of pilotage; other charges

Section 31. Rates of pilotage outward and inward for the port of Boston, calculated per foot of draught, shall be as follows:

for vessels 3,500 gross tons or under $50.06

for vessels over 3,501 to 7,000 gross tons $65.30

for vessels over 7,001 to 15,000 gross tons $74.26

for vessels over 15,001 to 25,000 gross tons $77.76

for vessels over 25,001 to 35,000 gross tons $79.49

for vessels over 35,001 to 45,000 gross tons $81.71

for vessels over 45,001 to 55,000 gross tons $87.78

for vessels over 55,001 to 70,000 gross tons $92.78

for vessels over 70,001 to 85,000 gross tons $99.46

for vessels over 85,000 gross tons $106.13

Other charges shall be:

(1) for detention of a pilot on board a vessel, there shall be a one hour free period, followed by a $100 charge for the second hour or portion thereof; for each additional hour or portion thereof there shall be a charge of $100. Detention time shall begin at the ordered sailing time;

(2) cancellation rate, $400;

(3) compass adjusting, $400;

(4) calibration rate, $400;

(5) when a pilot is ordered and dispatched for an arriving vessel and his services are not employed, the vessel shall pay a charge of $400, but a pilot shall be considered ordered unless notified: 3 hours before sailing time in Boston; 3 hours before sailing time in Quincy, anchorage number two or anchorage number five;

(6) no charge shall be made for a vessel detained because of fog or stress of weather;

(7) pilot carried away, the vessel shall pay his return expenses plus $200 per day;

(8) notifying a vessel of his diversion orders, a charge of $100 may be levied plus any regular charges;

(9) assisting the master in docking and undocking, $350;

(10) all inbound vessels shall notify the pilot office eight hours before arrival time if such time varies more than two hours from their latest estimated time of arrival report; and

(11) a surcharge shall be made on each full pilotage charge for the cost of a suitable replacement vessel for the Boston Pilot when it is deemed advisable by a condition survey of the vessel. The surcharge shall be $50 per full pilotage for all vessels 3,500 gross tons and under and $100 per full pilotage for all vessels over 3,500 gross tons. Any such surcharge funds collected shall be placed in an escrow fund which shall be overseen by the office of the commissioners of pilots and shall be used in addition to proceeds realized from the sale of a present pilot vessel. An audited statement of the fund shall be made available to industry representatives on a quarterly basis.