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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2: Name of limited partnership; requirements

Section 2. The name of each limited partnership as set forth in its certificate of limited partnership:

(1) shall contain without abbreviation the words ''limited partnership'';

(2) may not contain the name of a limited partner unless (i) it is also the name of a general partner or the corporate name of a corporate general partner, or (ii) the business of the limited partnership had been carried on under that name before the admission of that limited partner;

(3) may not contain any word or phrase indicating or implying that it is organized other than for a purpose stated in its certificate of limited partnership;

(4) may not be the same as, or deceptively similar to, the name of any corporation or limited partnership organized under the laws of the commonwealth or licensed or registered as a foreign corporation or limited partnership in the commonwealth, except with the written consent of said corporation or limited partnership previously filed with the secretary of state.