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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4: Examination of dealer's books and records; payment for repurchased inventory

Section 4. (a) Within ninety days from receipt of the written request of the dealer, a supplier under the duty to repurchase inventory pursuant to this chapter may examine the books and records of the dealer to verify the eligibility of any item for repurchase. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the supplier shall repurchase from the dealer all inventory, required signage, special tools, books, supplies, data processing equipment and software previously purchased from the supplier or other qualified vendor and in the possession of the dealer on the date of termination of the dealer agreement.

(b) The supplier shall pay the dealer:

(1) One hundred per cent of the net cost of all new and undamaged and complete farm and utility tractors, forestry equipment, light industrial equipment, farm implements, farm machinery, yard and garden equipment, purchased within the past thirty-six months from the supplier, less a reasonable allowance for deterioration attributable to weather conditions at the dealer's location;

(2) ninety per cent of the current net prices of all new and undamaged repair parts;

(3) eighty-five per cent of the current net price of all new and undamaged superseded repair parts;

(4) eighty-five per cent of the latest available published net price of all new and undamaged non-current repair parts;

(5) either the fair market value, or assume the lease responsibilities of any specific data processing hardware that the supplier required the equipment dealer to acquire or purchase to satisfy the reasonable requirements of the dealer agreement, including computer systems equipment required and approved by the supplier to communicate with the supplier; and

(6) repurchase at seventy-five per cent of the net cost specialized repair tools, signage, books and supplies previously purchased, pursuant to requirements of the supplier and held by the equipment dealer on the date of termination. Specialized repair tools must be unique to the supplier product line and must be complete and in usable condition.

(7) repurchase at average as-is value shown in current industry guides dealer-owned rental fleet financed by the supplier or its finance subsidiary.

(c) The party that initiated the termination of the dealer agreement shall pay the cost of the return, handling, packing and loading of such inventory.

(d) Payment to the dealer required under this section shall be made by the supplier not later than forty-five days after receipt of the inventory by the supplier. A penalty shall be assessed in the amount of two per cent per day of any outstanding balance over the required forty-five days. The supplier shall be entitled to apply any payment required under this section to be made to the dealer, as a set-off against any amount owed by the dealer to the supplier.