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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 115: Legal and standard barrel and crate for cranberries

Section 115. The legal and standard barrel for cranberries shall measure not less than twenty-five and one fourth inches between the heads, inside; the length of the staves shall be twenty-eight and one half inches; the diameter of the head shall be not less than sixteen and one fourth inches, including the bevelled edge; the outside bulge circumference shall measure not less than fifty-eight and one half inches; the thickness of the staves shall be not greater than four tenths of an inch. The legal and standard crate for cranberries shall measure seven and one half inches, by twelve inches, by twenty-two inches, inside, exclusive of any interior partition or support, and shall have an interior capacity of one thousand nine hundred and eighty cubic inches; but any square or oblong crate or box of different form, but of as great interior capacity, shall be considered a legal and standard crate.