General Laws

Section 152A. No person or business entity shall engage in the business of buying, selling or transporting live poultry unless he shall have first obtained a license therefor from the commissioner of food and agriculture, the fee of which shall be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provisions of section three B of chapter seven. Such license shall expire on December thirty-first in the year or part thereof in which such license was issued and may be revoked by the commissioner of food and agriculture for cause and after notice and hearing in the manner provided by chapter thirty A. Such cause shall include, but not be limited to, violations of section one hundred and fifty-two B. All licensees under this section shall keep and maintain, for a period of one year, records of each transaction including dates, names and addresses of both seller and purchaser and number and species of poultry so bought, sold or transported. Said commissioner of food and agriculture may make regulations governing the issuance of such licenses as well as sanitation requirements for all trucks, crates, coops and other conveyances to be so utilized.