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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 152B: Transportation of live poultry; prohibited equipment; cleanings and disinfections; permits

Section 152B. The use of wooden crates, containers or coops in the transportation of live poultry to or from farms is hereby prohibited. No truck, cage, crate, coop or other conveyance may enter a farm or livestock sale establishment for the purpose of delivering or removing live poultry or eggs unless such truck, cage, crate, coop or other conveyance is in a clean and sanitary condition. All such equipment used in conjunction with any market or sale point shall be cleaned and disinfected daily prior to the start of business. All such equipment coming into the commonwealth shall be cleaned and disinfected prior to its entry therein. The owner or operator of such equipment shall maintain and have in his possession a record of all such cleanings and disinfections.

A permit shall be issued by the division of animal health prior to the entry into the commonwealth of any live poultry or other fowl, including day-old chicks and poults. Such permits may be obtained by telephone and shall include the number, species, age of the animals to be transported and the name and address of both source flock and purchaser.