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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 165: Containers used for sale of vinegar; marking; labeling

Section 165. No manufacturer or producer of, or wholesale dealer in, vinegar shall, by himself or by his servant or agent, use a cask, barrel or other container for the sale, offering for sale, exchange or delivery of vinegar, or have such vinegar in possession in any cask, barrel or other container with intent to sell, offer for sale, exchange or deliver such vinegar therein, unless the container is plainly marked with the name and place of business of such manufacturer, producer or wholesale dealer, the kind of vinegar contained therein and the substances from which it is made and unless the following additional requirements as to the marking and labelling of the container are complied with:?If the vinegar is cider vinegar diluted to legal strength, the container shall be distinctly and conspicuously labelled, ''Diluted to Legal Strength'' or by other like words indicating such fact. Each compound, mixture or blend of vinegar shall be marked with the word ''compound'' or ''mixture'', together with a statement of its constituents and the percentage of each constituent. The principal label, including the word ''compound'' or ''mixture'', if used on vinegar in wooden packages, shall be in Roman letters not less than one inch high, properly spaced and in straight parallel lines with no more than two inches of space between each line. The marking of vinegar in other containers than wooden packages shall be governed by sections one hundred and eighty-six and one hundred and eighty-seven. Violation of any provision of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars. This section shall not apply to undiluted cider vinegar.