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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 16F: Registration of dealers

Section 16F. Each person, not a producer of milk, whose principal business is the sale at wholesale or retail of milk, shall, before commencing to transact such business, register as a dealer with the commissioner, and shall thereafter annually so register during the month of June, and upon every such registration shall state the address of each of his places of business, the names and addresses of producers, milk plants, receiving stations, or pasteurization plants supplying him the milk, with the number of quarts of milk supplied by each producer or from each such other source during the last calendar month preceding registration. No such person so registered shall buy or exchange milk from or through a broker or jobber or other person acting as an agent in the sale or exchange of milk, unless such broker, jobber, or agent also shall have registered with the commissioner at the time specified above and shall have stated the address of each of his places of business, the names and addresses of all sources of milk supply for which he has acted during the last twelve calendar months preceding such registration, and shall have granted the commissioner or his representative free access to all books of record in so far as they may pertain to volumes, dates, points of origin and points of delivery of milk. The commissioner may require each such person, broker, jobber, or agent to prepare and submit to him, upon a form furnished by him therefor, a further statement of similar information for any one calendar month. Every statement shall be verified by oath or written declaration that it is made under the penalties of perjury. Registrations made under this section shall expire on the following June thirtieth, and applications for renewals thereof shall be made on forms furnished by the commissioner.