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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 244: Certificate of weight; contents; examination

Section 244. Whoever, except as provided in section two hundred and forty-one, sells coke, charcoal or coal by weight, or whoever sells material for road construction by weight, shall without cost to the purchaser cause the goods or material to be weighed by a sworn weigher of the town where they are weighed, and shall cause to be signed by the weigher a certificate stating the name and place of business of the seller, and either the identifying number, of which a permanent record shall be kept, or the name of the person taking charge of the goods or material after the weighing as given to the weigher on his request, the tare weight, and the quantity of the goods or material. Such certificate shall be given to said person and shall be given by him only to the owner of the goods or material or his agent when he unloads the same; and each such person, on request and without charge therefor, shall permit the director of standards, or any inspector of standards in any town, or any sealer of weights and measures of any town, to examine the certificate and to make a copy thereof.