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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 245: Direction that goods be weighed; powers of director of standards, etc., and sealer

Section 245. The director of standards or any inspector of standards in any town, or a sealer of weights and measures within his town, wherein any quantity of coke, charcoal or coal or material for road construction in the course of delivery is found may direct the person in charge of the goods or material to convey the same without delay or charge to scales designated by such director, inspector or sealer, who shall there determine the quantity of the goods or material, and, except in the case of coke, charcoal or coal in baskets or bags as required by section two hundred and forty-one, shall determine their weight together with the tare weight, and shall direct said person to return to such scales immediately after unloading the goods or material; and upon such return, the director, inspector or sealer shall determine the tare weight. The scales designated by the director, inspector or sealer as aforesaid may be the public scales of the town or any other scales therein which have been duly tested and sealed and shall be such scales as in his judgment are most convenient.