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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 246: Record of weights and measures; keeping

Section 246. Each sealer of weights and measures of a town and each sworn weigher shall keep in a book used by him solely for that purpose a record of all baskets sealed by him as aforesaid, and of all weighings and determinations of quantities of coke, charcoal or coal or material used for road construction made by him as aforesaid. Such record shall be made at the time of measuring or weighing, and shall state the day and hour of the measuring or weighing, the name and place of business of the vendor, the name of the owner of the baskets or of the purchaser of the goods or material as given to him on his request by the person taking charge of the baskets or of the goods or material after weighing or measuring, the capacity of the baskets measured or quantity of the goods or material determined, and the name of said person; and, in the case of a reweighing as provided in section two hundred and forty-five, shall state the weight as given in the certificate and as determined by him. No charge shall be made by any such sealer for anything done under this section and sections two hundred and forty-four and two hundred and forty-five.