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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 249A: Inspection of coal; analysis of samples; condemnation

Section 249A. The department of public health, local boards of health, the director of standards and local sealers of weights and measures, by themselves or by their authorized agents, may enter each place where coal is stored or kept for sale and each railroad train or car or any vehicle used for its conveyance and may inspect said coal or take therefrom samples for analysis or inspection. Said department or board shall cause each sample taken to be analyzed, inspected or otherwise satisfactorily tested and shall record and preserve as evidence the results thereof. If, in the opinion of said department or board, upon inspection, analysis or other satisfactory test, said coal is unfit for ordinary use, said department, or said board with the approval of said department, may condemn, seize and cause the same to be destroyed forthwith or disposed of otherwise than for ordinary use. All money received by said department or board for coal disposed of as aforesaid, after deducting the expenses of said seizure and disposal, shall be paid to the owner of such coal.