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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 25: Accuracy of measuring utensils or devices used in determining component content of milk or cream for inspection or payment; prior testing and verification; fee

Section 25. No person shall use any bottle, pipette, graduate or any other measuring utensil or device in the determination, by any testing method approved under section twenty-seven, of milk-fat or other component content of milk or cream for the purpose of inspection or as a basis for payment in buying or selling until such utensil or device has been tested and verified for accuracy by or under supervision of the director. Prior to use in any such determination, each such utensil or device shall be submitted to the director or his agent for the required testing and verification and shall, subsequent to test, be clearly and permanently marked as accurate or inaccurate, and none bearing the latter designation shall be used in any such determination. A fee not to exceed the actual cost of such testing and verification shall be payable to the director.