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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 26: Annual inspection of testing equipment; seal; fee; condemnation; additional inspection cost

Section 26. Mechanical or other equipment intended for use in any testing method approved under section twenty-seven for the determination of milk-fat or other component content of milk or cream for purposes of inspection or as a basis for payment in buying or selling shall be inspected for accuracy of operation prior to initial use in such determination and at least once in each year thereafter by the director or his agent and, if approved, shall be so identified by seal showing the date of inspection. The user or owner of such equipment shall pay to the director a fee not to exceed the actual cost of each such initial and subsequent annual inspection. The director or his agent may condemn any testing equipment which in his judgment, upon inspection, is not in condition to produce accurate results. Upon condemnation, no such equipment shall be used in such determination until it has been corrected to the satisfaction of the director or his agent and approved by him. The actual cost of any additional inspection necessary to such approval shall also be paid to the director.