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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 293: Inspection of paint, etc.; complaint; appointment of inspectors; powers and duties

Section 293. Upon the written complaint of any person aggrieved by any violation of section two hundred and eighty-nine or two hundred and ninety-one, the state police and their agents may enter any place of business, store or building where the sale of paint, turpentine or linseed oil is carried on, and open and inspect any package, can, jar, tub or other receptacle containing articles which might be sold or exposed for sale in violation of said sections, and may appoint and remove inspectors, analysts and chemists for the purpose of inspecting or analyzing the contents of any such receptacle. Inspectors so appointed shall have the same powers and authority relative to the articles aforesaid as are given by sections thirty-three, thirty-five and sixty to the inspectors named therein.