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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 295F: Marking of brand name, etc., of product on above-ground storage or dispensing equipment

Section 295F. All above-ground equipment for storing or dispensing motor fuel or automotive lubricating oil operated by a retail dealer shall bear in a conspicuous place the brand name or trade-mark of the product stored therein or sold or dispensed therefrom. If the motor fuel or automotive lubricating oil stored in or sold or dispensed from above-ground equipment by a retail dealer has no brand name or trade-mark, such container or dispensing equipment shall have conspicuously displayed thereon the words ''No Brand''.

All equipment or containers used for the storage or dispensing of automotive lubricating oils made in whole or in part from previously used lubricating oils shall have displayed thereon the words ''made from previously used lubricating oils''. The size of the letters in said words shall be not less than size fourteen point type on two-gallon cans, or those holding a lesser quantity, and one inch high on all larger containers, but in no case shall the letters be smaller than those in any other words in the same descriptive panel.

All automotive lubricating oil containers shall bear, in a conspicuous place on the container, a number indicating the viscosity classification of the contents, such classification to be determined according to such standard methods as the division may from time to time prescribe.