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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 298: Sale of cordwood; dimensions; standard units of measure defined

Section 298. Cordwood sold or offered or exposed for sale shall be four feet in length. The term ''firewood'' shall be construed to mean and include wood cut to any lengths of less than four feet and more than eight inches. Cordwood and firewood shall be advertised, offered for sale and sold only in terms of cubic feet or cubic meters which will be construed as indicating the closely stacked cubic foot or cubic meter content to be delivered to the purchaser. The terms ''cord'', ''face cord'', ''pile'', ''truckload'' or terms of similar import shall not be used in the advertising and sale of cordwood or firewood. The term ''kindling wood'' shall be construed to mean and include all split wood, edgings, clippings or other waste wood averaging eight inches in length. Except as provided by sections two hundred and forty-three and two hundred and forty-seven, the standard unit of measure for kindling wood shall be the bushel of two thousand one hundred and fifty and forty-two hundredths cubic inches.