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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 302: Tickets certifying quantity in load; application of Secs. 296 to 303

Section 302. Each wharfinger, carter or driver who conveys firewood or bark from a wharf or landing place shall be furnished by the owner or seller with a ticket certifying the quantity which the load contains and the name of the driver; and if firewood or bark is thus conveyed without such ticket accompanying the same, or if a driver refuses to produce and show such ticket to any sworn measurer on demand, or to give his consent to have the same measured, or if such ticket certifies a greater quantity of wood or bark than the load contains in the opinion of such measurer after measuring the same, the driver and owner shall for each load thereof severally forfeit five dollars. Sections two hundred and ninety-six to three hundred and three, inclusive, shall not apply to a person who transports or carts or causes to be transported or carted from a wharf or landing place to his own dwelling house or store cord wood or bark which he has purchased on a wharf or landing place, or which he has landed thereon upon his own account.