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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 303K: Enforcement; samples; inspection of premises, etc.

Section 303K. The division shall administer and enforce the provisions of sections three hundred and three G to three hundred and three J, inclusive, by inspections, chemical analyses, and other appropriate methods. All samples for analysis shall be taken from stocks within the commonwealth or intended for sale therein, and the division may call upon the manufacturer or distributor applying for a license for the sale of an anti-freeze to supply a sample thereof for analysis. The division shall have free access by legal means during business hours to all places of business, buildings, vehicles, cars and vessels used in the manufacture, transportation, sale or storage of any anti-freeze, and it may open by legal means any box, carton, parcel, or package containing or supposed to contain any anti-freeze and may take therefrom samples for analysis.

The division may make such analyses, inspections, and investigations, and may carry on research and may publish the reports of such analyses, inspections and research for the information of the public.