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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 41A: Dealers selling to other than consumers; license

Section 41A. No dealer selling to other than consumers, except a dealer licensed under the provisions of sections forty and forty-one, shall deliver, exchange, expose for sale or sell or have in his custody or possession with intent so to do any milk or cream in any town where an inspector of milk is appointed, without obtaining from such inspector a license which shall contain the number thereof, and the name and place of business. A license issued to a partnership or corporation shall be issued in the business name of said partnership or corporation and shall contain the names in full of the partners and managers of said partnership or officers of said corporation. Application for such license shall be made on or before March first of the license period beginning June first, following, or at any time later than March first in any year for the balance of the license period after the date of issue of the license. The inspector of milk in any town may grant such license. Such application shall be made upon a form furnished and prescribed by the commissioner of public health.

The inspector of milk upon the payment of a fee of two dollars shall issue to such applicant a license which shall remain in force and effect for a period of five years beginning June first following or the balance thereof as the case may be.