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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 42H: Grounds for refusal to grant license or revocation

Section 42H. The commissioner may refuse to grant a license under section forty-two A, or may revoke such a license already granted, when he is satisfied of the existence of any of the following causes:

1. That a judgment has been obtained against the applicant or licensee by any producer and remains unsatisfied of record.

2. That the applicant or licensee has failed to make prompt settlements with producers from whom he has received or is receiving milk, or to make statements to producers as provided in section forty-two F.

3. That there has been a continued course of dealing of such nature as to satisfy the commissioner of the inability or unwillingness of the applicant or licensee to conduct business properly or of an intent to deceive or defraud producers.

4. That there has been a continued failure by the applicant or licensee to keep records or furnish information required by the commissioner or by law.

5. That the licensee has failed to give additional security as required under section forty-two D.