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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 50: Imitation cheese; labeling

Section 50. Whoever himself or by his agent sells, exposes for sale or has in his possession with intent to sell, any article, substance or compound, made in imitation or semblance of cheese or as a substitute therefor, and either not made by the use of coagulating agents, or containing any fats, oils or grease not produced from the milk of cows, goats or sheep, shall have the words ''imitation cheese'' stamped, labelled or marked in printed letters of plain, uncondensed gothic type, not less than one inch in length, so that said words cannot be easily defaced, upon the side of each cheesecloth or band around the same, and upon the top and side of each tub, firkin, box or package containing any of said article, substance or compound. In retail sales of said article, substance or compound not in the original packages, the seller shall attach to each package so sold, and shall deliver therewith to the purchaser, a label or wrapper bearing in a conspicuous place upon the outside of the package the words ''imitation cheese'', in printed letters of plain uncondensed gothic type, not less than one half inch in length.