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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 69: Regulation of cold storage

Section 69. No article of food intended for human consumption shall be placed or retained in cold storage if deemed by the department of public health to be diseased, tainted or otherwise unwholesome, and no person shall return to cold storage any article of food that has once been released from such storage for the purpose of placing it on the market for sale, but this section shall not apply to the transfer of goods from one cold storage or refrigerating warehouse to another, provided that such transfer is not made for the purpose of evading any provision of sections sixty-six to seventy-two, inclusive, and ninety-two. No person shall alter, deface or remove any marking on cold storage food which shows the date of its receipt in cold storage until after the food is finally withdrawn for the purpose of immediate sale for consumption, nor shall any person transfer the ownership of food in cold storage without previously making known to the purchaser the date on which it was originally placed in cold storage.