General Laws

Section 77A. All fresh food fish before being offered for sale, placed in cold storage, salted or smoked shall be graded as follows:?

''Prime'', fish in extra fine condition.

''Superior'', fish in suitable condition to stand shipment outside the commonwealth for human consumption as fresh fish.

''Standard'', fish in suitable condition for immediate human consumption as fresh fish.

All other fish shall be classified as refuse, shall be deemed unsuitable for human consumption, and may be used only for fish meal, fertilizer or other non-food purposes.

No person shall represent, sell, offer for sale or advertise fresh, frozen, salted or smoked fish of any grade under any misleading or other than the truthful and correct name and grade or corresponding term for such fish.

The word ''fish'' as used in this section shall be taken to mean only swimming fish or finny fish of the class known as Pisces.