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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 77I: Definitions

Section 77I. As used in sections seventy-seven A to seventy-seven H, inclusive, the following words shall have the following meanings unless a contrary intention appears:?

''Canned lobster meat or crab meat'', lobster meat or crab meat preserved by heat processing, freezing, or refrigeration, and packed in a container impervious to contamination and so sealed that once opened it cannot be re-sealed and re-used for its original purpose.

''Clam'', a marine mollusk of the species Mya arenaria commonly called the soft-shelled clam.

''Fish'', any animal life inhabiting the ocean or its connecting waters including any crustacean or marine fish, whether free swimming or free moving, and any shellfish or sea worms, whether or not imbedded in the soil. All provisions of said sections relative to fish shall, so far as apt, apply also to lobster meat and crab meat after the same has been taken from the shell.

''Lobster'', the common American lobster, of the species Homarus americanus.

''Quahaug'', a marine mollusk of the species Venus Mercenaria commonly called the hard-shell clam.

''Scallop'', a marine mollusk of the species Pecten irradians, commonly known as the bay scallop or shallow water scallop.

''Shellfish'', clams, conchs, mussels, oysters, periwinkles, quahaugs, razor clams or razor fish, scallops, sea clams, sea quahaugs, sea scallops and winkles.