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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Special provisions as to rolls and certain bread; unit weights; inspection

Section 8. Unit weights, as defined in the preceding section, shall not apply to rolls or to fancy bread weighing less than four ounces, nor to loaves bearing in plain position a plain statement of the weight of the loaf and the name and business address of the manufacturer thereof. Such information shall be stated in case of wrapped bread, upon the wrapper of each loaf; provided that, when cellophane or similar transparent wrappers are employed, the director of standards may authorize the placing of a statement of such information between such transparent wrapper and the top of the loaf in such manner that such statement may be easily read through the wrapper. In the case of unwrapped bread such information shall be stated upon a printed label not larger than one by one and three quarters inches nor smaller than one by one and one half inches. No label, attached to an unwrapped loaf, shall be larger than provided herein, nor shall any such label be affixed in any manner or with any gum or paste which is unsanitary or unwholesome. When an inspection of bread is made at any bakery by the director or any inspector of standards or sealer of weights and measures, the manufacturer of such bread, or his servants or agents, shall, upon request of the official making such inspection, inform him whether such bread is manufactured for sale in any of the standard unit weights prescribed by the preceding section and, if not so manufactured for sale in such standard unit weights, shall furnish such official with samples of the labels or wrappers intended to be used on all such loaves of other than standard unit weights.