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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 14A: Bidding procedures; reports; tests

Section 14A. Each institution supported in whole or in part by funds of the commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof, shall furnish to the commissioner, upon issue, a copy of each invitation to bid and all related specifications prepared for the purpose of soliciting proposals to supply milk for use in such institution and shall within ten days following the award of a contract for such milk supply, inform the commissioner by letter showing the name and address of and proposals submitted by each milk dealer responding to such invitation and identifying the supplier to whom the contract was awarded. The commissioner shall analyze and evaluate the above required information in relation to applicable laws, rules and regulations and shall prepare such reports thereon as he deems appropriate for distribution, upon request, to other agencies and departments of the commonwealth and other subsidiaries thereof.

If a contract so awarded provides for supplying milk containing a greater percentage of milk fat or milk solids, not fat, or both, than the minimum percentages prescribed by section twelve of chapter ninety-four, the commissioner or his agent shall, from time to time during the life of such contract, take representative samples of such milk and test the same, or cause them to be tested, in an approved laboratory by officially recognized methods of analysis to determine the milkfat and milk solids not fat content thereof. The results of such tests shall be reported to the awarding institution and, if the same indicate any violation of said section twelve, to the commissioner of public health. If, in the course of sampling and testing as above described, the commissioner or his agent has reason to believe that the net quantity of milk per container is less than the quantity required to be disclosed pursuant to section one hundred and eighty-one of said chapter ninety-four, the awarding institution and the director of standards shall be so advised.