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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 16: Examinations; investigations; general or special hearings; opportunity to appear and be heard; evidence

Section 16. (a) The commissioner or his authorized agent, may hold any examination or investigation, or any general or special hearing required or authorized under this chapter, at such places and at such times as the commissioner deems necessary for the proper administration of this chapter.

(b) Before adopting, altering or rescinding any general order, rule or regulation, the commissioner shall hold a general hearing upon the subject matter thereof, and afford all persons interested an opportunity to offer evidence pertinent thereto.

(c) Before declining to grant a license, or granting a conditional or limited license, or suspending or revoking a license, or adopting any other special order, rule or regulation applying only to one or more persons named therein, the commissioner shall hold a special hearing, and afford to the applicant or licensee, or such person or persons, opportunity to appear and be heard with respect thereto.

Each such applicant, milk dealer or person may be so heard in person or by attorney, and may offer evidence pertinent to the subject of the hearing, and to that end may request the commissioner to exercise its powers with respect to the compulsory attendance of witnesses and the production of books and records.