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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 3: Guidelines; review; reports; access to records; closed proceedings

Section 3. The department shall establish guidelines for the administration of the program, after consultation with medical, psychiatric and pharmacological experts. The department shall approve participation in the program in accordance with said guidelines for patients whose physicians certify that the administration of marijuana may have beneficial therapeutic effects. The department shall review the plans, studies, and proposed annual budget of the program and file an annual report of its activities pursuant to this chapter with the governor and the general court.

Except for its annual and interim reports, if any, the records of the department which are maintained pursuant to Chapter 94D shall not be deemed to be public records within the meaning of section seven of chapter four of the General Laws. The department may close any of its proceedings or meetings, and the provisions of section eleven A1/2 of chapter thirty A of the General Laws shall not be applicable thereto.