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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32: Tests, inspections and adjustments of town standards and devices; complaints; enforcement

Section 32. Upon the request of a sealer, and at such other times as the deputy director deems necessary, said deputy director shall cause the standards of apothecaries' weights and apothecaries' liquid measures and the other standard weights, measures and balances of each town to be tested, adjusted and sealed or certified under his direction. He shall also see that such standards are kept in good order and condition, and may at any time, and shall on request of the sealer, cause an inspection of the standards to be made. The deputy director and his inspectors may also inspect any weighing or measuring devices used for buying, selling or exchanging goods, wares, merchandise or other commodity, or for public weighing in a town, and, if found inaccurate, shall forthwith inform the mayor or selectmen, who shall cause the law relating thereto to be enforced. If the deputy director or an inspector discovers a violation of law, he may make and prosecute a complaint and shall have therefor the same statutory powers relative to the enforcement of laws pertaining to weights and measures as are vested in local sealers. Every sealer neglecting to have the standards in his care sealed as provided in this section shall forfeit not more than fifty dollars.