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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 108: Removal of sick prisoners

Section 108. If a prisoner in a jail or house of correction has a disease which, in the opinion of the physician of the board of health or of such other physician as it may consult, is dangerous to the safety and health of other prisoners or of the inhabitants of the town, the board shall, in writing, direct his removal to a hospital or other place of safety, there to be provided for and securely kept until its further order. If he recovers from the disease, he shall be returned to his former place of confinement. If the person so removed has been committed by order of court or under judicial process, the order for his removal, or a copy thereof attested by the presiding member of the board, shall be returned by him, with the doings thereon, into the office of the clerk of the court from which the process of commitment was issued. No prisoner so removed shall thereby commit an escape.