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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 117: Establishment and maintenance of clinics for treatment of venereal diseases; examinations; minors

Section 117. For the purpose of providing treatment for persons suffering from venereal diseases, as defined under section six, and who are unable to pay for private medical care, the department shall, or with the co-operation of local boards of health, hospitals, dispensaries or other agencies may, establish and maintain clinics in such parts of the commonwealth as it may deem most advantageous to the public health, and may otherwise provide treatment for such diseases subject to such rules and regulations as the department may from time to time establish. Cities and towns, separately or jointly, through their boards of health or municipal hospitals, may establish and maintain such clinics. For the purposes of this section, providing treatment shall include providing transportation or the reasonable cost of such transportation to and from the place where treatment is given whenever the patient is not able to pay for such transportation.

For the purposes of this section, physical examination and treatment by a registered physician or surgeon upon the person of a minor who voluntarily appears therefor, shall not constitute an assault or an assault and battery upon said person.