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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 127D: Entry fee; notice upon offending owner

Section 127D. The entry fee for a petition under section one hundred and twenty-seven C shall be two dollars. Upon the filing of such a petition, an order of notice shall issue requiring the owner of record to appear at a time not later than fourteen days after the issuance of said order of notice, to file an answer to the matters alleged in the petition including therein the names and addresses of any mortgagees or lienors of record known to the owner of record, and to submit to a hearing thereon.

Such order of notice shall be served at least seven days before the return day thereof, by any officer qualified to serve civil process by delivering to the respondent an attested copy thereof, or, by leaving such copy at his last and usual place of abode, or, at the address to which the rent is sent or delivered, or, if the respondent is a corporation, service may also be made in the manner provided by law or by leaving an attested copy thereof at the last and usual place of abode of the president, treasurer or clerk of the corporation, or in such other manner as the court may direct.