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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 131: Compulsory examination of premises; complaint; warrant

Section 131. If the board considers it necessary for preservation of life or health to enter any land, building or premises, or go on board a vessel within its town, to examine into and destroy, remove or prevent a nuisance, source of filth or cause of sickness, and the board, or any agent thereof sent for that purpose, is refused such entry, any member of the board or such agent may make complaint to a justice of any court of record or to a magistrate authorized to issue warrants, who may thereupon issue a warrant, directed to the sheriff or any of his deputies, to such member or agent of the board, or to any constable of such town, commanding him to take sufficient aid and at any reasonable time repair to the place where such nuisance, source of filth or cause of sickness complained of may be, and to destroy, remove or prevent the same, under the direction of the board.