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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 142H: Ceremonial bonfires restricted; permits

Section 142H. The city council of a city with the approval of its mayor, or the board of selectmen or town council of a town, may authorize the fire department of such city or town to issue not more than one permit in any one year for a ceremonial bonfire in such city or town. Said ceremonial bonfire shall mark the observance of a significant municipal, state, or national event, and any such ceremonial bonfire shall be under the continuous supervision of the fire department. A permit for such a ceremonial bonfire shall be issued only to a municipal department or a civic, fraternal or veterans organization within such city or town. Only wood which has not been painted, impregnated, or otherwise treated with any foreign substance shall be permitted to burn in ceremonial bonfires. No ceremonial bonfire shall burn for more than twelve hours.