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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 192B: Preparation of educational materials

Section 192B. The department of public health's childhood lead poisoning and prevention program shall, subject to appropriation, promote the education of all persons, including parents and property owners, on lead poisoning and its prevention. The director of said program shall prepare educational materials, the content of which shall include, but not be limited to, a discussion of safety measures, which can be taken to reduce the incidence of lead poisoning in children; available community and health care resources in all geographic regions of the commonwealth useful in the matter of lead poisoning prevention and treatment; legal rights and remedies under section one hundred and ninety-seven, and any other information deemed important by the director and the advisory council with regard to said matter. The director of said program shall also work with the representatives of the banking industry, a designee from the Massachusetts Bankers Association and officials from various state quasi-public agencies involved in providing lead paint abatement financing to develop educational materials including a resource or financing guide on programs available for lead paint abatement. Such educational materials shall be made available to, but not be limited to, hospitals, physicians' offices, community health centers, educational institutions, child care centers, and programs providing public assistance or social services. The director may contract or associate with public and private agencies and organizations for the preparation of said educational materials on lead poisoning prevention, other pertinent resource information on the matter of lead poisoning and conducting educational programs.

Publication of educational materials shall not subject any agency or organization to liability under section one hundred and ninety-nine.